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Infinity Canada

This was a social media commercial for Infinity Canada. This project was led by Instagram’s “Content Ninja” Jon Simo and in collaboration with Tamarack Media Co! This was a collaborative effort, and beyond brainstorming with Jon I served as camera operator. We had Tamarack Media to rig the car mounts and fly the drone.

Harms Guitars

For several years I wanted to do a film about a fine woodworker because I think that as an art form it inherently looks “cinematic”. The fine grain and texture of wood, the shop, the tools, fine dust etc all have a beautiful look. 

After some research I found a woodworker in Victoria, BC where I was living at the time. His name is Joshua Harms and he produces fine, handmade electric guitars ( After an initial meeting we felt like we both “clicked” and went ahead to produce this short film.

I shot it on my Red Komodo and rented a set of Zeiss SS’s, Forza 500 as the key light, and my Aputure Nova p300C as an ambient light, providing a little bit of cyan/teal background colour to the shop to compliment the warmer tones of the wood and my 300d as a subtle backlight. Rentals courtesy of and We also had help from Michael Toru as an assistant to the project

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