E. If the horse can be removed from the court during the trial. Other provisions that may be helpful are that potential buyers agree to be financially responsible for all transportation costs charged by the stable seller and the appropriate veterinary and Farrier fees during the testing phase. If you do not intend to consult a lawyer about a contract when buying or selling a horse, protect yourself by writing a simple and enforceable contract covering the essential points of the sales contract. Another area of concern is the potential for the horse to cause property or bodily damage to the potential buyer or to a third party. In both scenarios, it is advisable to require the purchase of full insurance for the trial period. This means medical health and mortality, loss of use, adherence and care, anxiety and control. (See September, October and November 2012.) From the horse Jekyll and Hyde, which, in the seller`s yard, seemed to be the model of the horse`s d├ęcor, just to become a sacred terror when it arrives in your barn, to the buyer who presents himself as the candidate for holiness, but who turns with your dear horse and turns away with your esteemed horse, of which they will never be heard again, and every intermediate scenario, the pre-purchase processes are faced with potentially serious problems. 1.

Sale price /deposit/ payment method/refunds. If you agree to buy the horse after a trial period, the purchase price must be indicated with the payment method (cash check, cash) and when payment is to be made. If the seller requires a security deposit, conditions such as the amount, the application of the deposit to the final sale or how a refund of the deposit should be handled in the event of an unsuccessful lawsuit must be included. In addition, there should be a declaration that, in the event of a full payment of the purchase price, the seller will grant the buyer full legitimate possession of the horse. If the sale contains sales documents, registration documents, coggins or other certifications, list them as well. A non-refundable down payment (z.B 10%) applies to the full purchase price at the end of the trial period. The preamble to the contract should list the full names of the seller and buyer (if they are companies such as a company or LLC, whose names should also be listed) as well as the current addresses. There must be an accurate description of the horse (including name, breed, gender, colour/marking, size and age). In addition, the address of the farm on which the horse must be tested must be indicated at the same time as the start and end dates of the race.

I. If the horse needs to pass a pre-emption test, indicate the name of the veterinarian, the tests that can be included and who pays. Many experts recommend that the pre-emption examination be conducted in court before a horse leaves. In this way, if the horse becomes lame or sick, the problem can be identified before the horse is put in the hands of a buyer. d. The rules of spelling and grazing of the horse during the process. When it comes to a pre-emption attempt, it is important to be aware of the most likely problems: what if the horse is stolen or if it has a monster accident and dies during the test phase? To protect yourself from death, theft and/or loss of use, you must consider as protection that the horse is insured and that the policy mentions the seller as a beneficiary. Another possibility is that the potential buyer will obtain and maintain insurance for mortality, greater medical treatment and loss of use for the total amount of the purchase before taking the horse to the sample and remaining in effect until the horse is paid in full and has received the full sales bill. The parties can also allocate the costs of the insurance. Note that the horse industry is a business and therefore the majority of horse-related transactions should not be considered other than other commercial transactions. For example, you wouldn`t mortgage a house with the bank, buy a car or buy a store without a signed contract, so why a horse without sneezing or selling? What are the limits of this type of proposal and how

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