Hey to everyone. I wrote on this wall a while ago and seeing yp is still a scam. I was tempted to approve this treaty. Your tech staff couldn`t get me a recording that I could open on my pimp… I really know… They gave me a phone number that was not connected. Then, after I called back, the representative denied that it was like that, until she finally chose it herself. She told me that she would leave a message and that he would call me back. There are 375 days left.

Then I got a call from the legal department. I told them that I had been tempted to accept and that I had not been read the ENTIRE CONTRACT for WORD. I am pretty sure how these treaty dingys work. After that, they left me alone!!!! Until yesterday. You want to personally lead me to small demands. I closed my store months ago, it was a limited company. They always promote it. I don`t know anything about you, but if someone doesn`t pay for my services, I don`t make them available anymore. Anyway. I am now a legal lawyer and I want to see what can be done about it. I`ll let you know what`s going on.

A group action? I was in a verbal agreement for a name other than what they charged me after I agreed to get information about the plan that spoke to YP representatives. This agreement became a contract of 900, of which I did not receive a service. I had to go to their [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] about a year ago to fix my website, because they keep rushing from one team to another. I`ve been frustrated with their unfeeding customer service since 2017 and I`m about to send another email to [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] about this ridiculous $199. This is a scam and scams of their customers who have decided to leave. Yp companies and people are big scam, rude people, we bought a new business in progress, but never signed a contract with them. The previous owner had signed a contract until 2020 and we had no idea until we got our first invoice on Telus. Yes, by Telus, we were surprised to know that Telus is handling their settlement, now we all know after all the frustration that we have this contract (automatically transferred to a new owner without their consent) that we never signed and asked for.

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