By signing a service contract, an independent makes his services available to the client for a fee. The contract is usually detailed with all specific obligations, the duration of the agreement and the terms of termination of the contract. Once you have accepted your new position, your employer will present you with an employment contract (employment contract) covering all the details of your employment contract. You don`t need to sign this right away. You are usually able to take it and check about it to make sure you understand and are satisfied with all the elements. Your employment contract details the different aspects of your job. Check carefully to make sure there are no surprises. The most common elements are: Mini-jobs are a form of de minimis in Germany. A mini-work describes an employment contract in which the worker earns no more than 450 euros per month (mini-jobs of 450 euros) or works less than three months or 70 days a year (short-term mini-jobs). Mini-jobs can be taken care of in addition to your main work as a supplement to your salary or as the main form of income. An indeterminate contract is for an indeterminate period. It will usually include a six-month trial period, after which your contract can only be terminated if you resign or if the employer finds legal reasons to fire you (strict guidelines apply). If there`s something you don`t understand or are unhappy about, it`s a good idea to discuss it with your company before signing something.

Labour law in Germany can be complicated, so you can also contact a lawyer. Translate the text of each application or website into a single click For this type of contract, you are employed by the Personalegentur and not directly by the employer. The Agency is therefore responsible for the payment of your salary. Fixed-term contracts of this type can only last up to 18 months and you are entitled to the same remuneration and benefits as the permanent employees of the client company. You found a job, you succeeded through interviews and you received an offer! But before you can work in Germany, you must make an employment contract with your new employer to confirm the details of your role.

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