Tufts University, its schools, departments and units often conclude Memorandums of Understanding and other agreements with national and international partners. A list of current active agreements is available to members of the Tufts community on a UTLN-protected website. For more information on active and expired agreements, please contact MOU@tufts.edu. An important part of the third and fourth year of medical school is the opportunity to learn in a clinical environment. The AAMC Uniform Clinical Training Agreement is designed to: Please check the list of student-affiliate agreements currently available before concluding an agreement to determine if there is already an agreement. This approval process ensures coordination and compliance between Tufts schools, units and departments. In particular, it is designed to: a. If this list is mentioned, continue to develop the agreement on the program. (A single membership treaty is required for all schools or universities to send students from different disciplines.) All agreements reached by Tufts University and its units with universities, non-profit organizations or other international and national institutions must undergo an internal audit process prior to signing to ensure compliance with higher education guidelines and to confirm institutional approval and support. Will you accept a scanned copy of the agreement and routing form? Applicant`s Name, Title and School or University – Legal Name of Potential Affiliate – Potential Affiliate Address – Affiliate Contact Person Name – Affiliate Contact Person Phone Number – Program Start Date at Affiliate B. Negotiated agreements are those that may contain a language that is at odds with the wisconsin state statutes or that are beyond our ability to respect. In this case, the risk manager will endeavour to negotiate changes in the language to bring them in line with the approved affiliation agreement.

The AAMC Uniforme Clinical Training Agreement is processed by reference and implemented by a unilateral execution letter signed by the Graduate School of Medicine and the host clinical institution. For those who have to amend or add provisions because of unique state requirements or for other reasons, the letter of execution may be amended to meet these requirements. Consistent application of the AAMC Uniforme Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement through the execution of an implementation letter by the Medical University and the Host Clinic will save time, reduce costs and standardize expectations.

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