For the Love of Filmmaking

A little about myself...

From Treeplanting to Pixel Wrangling

A long time ago, my parents escaped communist Czechoslovakia and immigrated to Canada. This is where my name originates (in case you were wondering). I grew up near the small town of Nelson, BC. From a young age I’ve been wanting to pursue the art of filmmaking. This started to become a reality in my early 20’s. I financed my first camera and computer from working as a treeplanter all over BC. It took a lot of effort to work odd jobs and start a business but through lots of effort, struggles, blood, sweat and tears and the university of hard knocks I was able to make this my career!

Since then I have helped over a hundred clients and have garnered millions of views to help them achieve their goals. Whether you are trying to tell an authentic story or trying to sell a new product -I have you covered. 

Maximize creativity by spending your money where it matters instead of blowing the budget on large agencies that move at the speed of glaciers and end up sub contracting this type of work anyway. The solo advantage:

-Save money! Lean and mean, no large agency or production company overhead fees. Even if you need a larger team, let’s assemble a team of freelancers when needed!

-Save time! No red tape, no bureaucracy. When you call, I answer. Your project moves faster than a viral meme.

-Stand out with high quality content! Filmmaking has never been this accessible to the masses, but there is also a lot of noise. Yes the new iPhone can shoot great video, but it just set the bar higher for everyone. You will not regret hiring a professional and standing above the rest. 

-Tell your story! There is an art to telling a story in the format of film. I don’t just shoot pretty frames; I weave narratives. Your brand becomes a protagonist, and your audience leans in.

Personal Connection. You’re not a client; you’re a collaborator. Your vision matters, and I listen.

-Slim travel costs. Working solo I am able to be highly comptetitive with travel costs. I am near an airport and am only a couple of flights away from anywhere in the world. I also have a valid Slovak citizenship and EU passport!


Getting on the same page and understanding your goals and making plans, organizing a team, scouting locations, writing scripts, pre-viz storyboard renderings and lighting plans.


Nothing like being on location, setting up lighting, audio and camera equipment and calling “Action!”. This is where the data is harvested for future processing.


Backing up data, editing content, finding music, adding sound effects, colour grading and vfx if needed! This is where the magic happens.

Videos that tell your story

Hundreds of completed projects completed to date including feature length documentaries, commercials, tourism campaigns and action sport films. Check out my CV for a complete list of work.



Bohdan is equiped with a nimble but full production ready package including 6K RAW cinema camera, professional lighting and grip equipment and much more. Click below to see a full list. 

Gear list

Some brands I’ve worked for

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