Hi! My name is Bohdan Doval. I am a 27 year old filmmaker living in Nelson, BC, Canada. Since age 12 I’ve been interested in film making and decided to pursue it as a career in my late teens. Very early on I decided not to go to film school and decided to learn by doing and the school of hard knocks! I raised my own funds through tree planting all over British Columbia to purchase my first camera and computer and it has grown organically from there.

Over the last few years I’ve had many different clients from top level athletes, tourism DMO’s, documentary filmmakers and many different types of businesses. I can do all aspects of the filmmaking process with a strong focus on cinematography.

I am also part owner of Altus Collective (altuscollective.com) with my business partner Ryan Flett. Check out the website for more work!

Please feel free to email me through the contact page and see if I can help you out with your film project!